Around 400 vehicles are stolen in our country every day according to Statistics Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada. If your car is ever stolen, your insurance company will generally only cover your vehicle’s value at the time of loss. This can leave you financially responsible for deductibles and the down payment, fees, and taxes associated with your replacement vehicle.

We have two options to help alleviate your worries and protect your new investment against theft.

Performance Protection Locate Powered by KYCS

Our dedicated Theft-Recovery Team will work to find your stolen vehicle, and will keep you updated along the way. Our advanced technology will keep your vehicle safe and secure and give you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

Report A Theft

Our Theft Protection System

Our advanced Theft Protection System, powered by Performance Protection, actively protects your vehicle by etching traceable security codes and your car’s VIN onto different parts of your vehicle. The codes are recorded in a database accessible by law enforcement agencies.

This means that if your vehicle is ever stolen, its various parts can easily be identified as belonging to you. Our system cannot be altered or bypassed without replacing major parts of your vehicle, which is too costly and risky for thieves or “Chop Shops”.

We also install distinctive anti-theft warning decals on all windows of your vehicle to make it less desirable to thieves.

Our Five-Year Etch Limited Warranty

If our Theft Protection System fails to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and such failure results in the total loss of your vehicle, we will:

  • Pay up to $3,000 to cover your insurance deductible, loan deficiencies, replacement vehicle costs, or any other expenses
  • Pay up to $2,000 to any Performance Auto Group dealership for use towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle within 60 days of claim submission
  • Reimburse you for car rental expenses of up to $25 per day (excluding taxes and insurance) for a maximum of 20 days
  • Pay up to $1,000 as travel allowance if your vehicle is stolen more than 400 kilometres from your permanent address. We will also pay you up to $100 per day for meals and lodging for a maximum of 10 days

Speak with your Sales Consultant about both options to make sure you have the right protection for your new vehicle.