How to make claim:

  1. Return to your selling dealer within 30 days of noticing any damages that would be covered under your Performance Protection Warranty. If covered, they will prepare a claim form. Pictures and a written estimate to cover the damage is also required. Damage over $500 requires a second written estimate along with pictures of the damaged area.

  2. Claims may be mailed to the Warranty Record Centre, P.O. Box 186, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1B4 or e-mailed to or faxed to 905-738-6603. The Warranty Record Centre will give you written authorization to have the repair made only when the claim is approved. As the warranty administrator, the Warranty Record Centre reserves the right to inspect any damage being claimed. Any repairs made on claims prior to receiving written authorization will be denied.

Claims FAQ

How do I initiate a claim?
Contact your selling dealer regarding initiating a claim.

How do I know if the damage is covered?
Refer to the backside of your warranty or return to your selling dealer for help.

I’m starting to see a little red rust, do I have a claim?
No, what has occurred is a stone chip or scratch has caused bare metal and bare metal is protecting itself. Do not panic, simply apply some mild compound to a cloth and rub it off. Follow this by applying some touch up paint to the unpainted surface.

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Learn more about claims:

For more information visit the Warranty Records Centre.

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