Your vehicle deserves top-of-the-line rust protection, and our rust protection technology uses an electromagnetic rust inhibitor module to send a patented pulse-wave throughout your vehicle. This acts like an electronic shield for all sheet metal surfaces of your car, effectively reducing corrosion by up to 99.7%.

Performance Protection’s CM-3000 electromagnetic rust inhibitor offers the most advanced corrosion protection available. And for today’s hybrid and electric vehicles, the same unmatched corrosion protection is now available with the Performance Protection BPH-5000 hybrid model.

Performance Protection gives you the following benefits:

  • Total perforation protection, even when caused by stone chips and scratches
  • Patented pulse-wave signal – harmless to you and your vehicle
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to chemical sprays
  • One-time installation – no inspections or reapplications required
  • Includes the best corrosion warranty in the industry

Warranty Guarantee

Performance Protection warrants the effectiveness of the electromagnetic module against rust perforation (hole) on the doors, quarter panels, rocker panels, hood lid, trunk lid, roof, frame, floor boards and cross members. In the event that corrosion perforation (hole) occurs, then the damaged area will be repaired or replaced as determined by the warranty administrator.

Cosmetic Rust Warranty*

This warranty covers cosmetic rust and paint bubbling. Cosmetic rust refers to surface damage where the rusted area is at least two centimeters in diameter. Paint bubbling occurs on outside painted areas of body panels where no bare metal or surface rust is showing and the paint is not broken, worn off, chipped, split or missing.

Cosmetic Rust Warranty Coverage*

Performance Protection warrants for a period of up to ten (10) years that there will be no cosmetic rust or paint bubbling on the outside painted portion of the following body panels: door panels, quarter panels, rocker panels, roof, trunk, and engine hood.

* Covered under paint sealant only, not under rust inhibitor module. Installation of a CM-3000 or BPH-5000 module and the application of Paint Protection are both required for this coverage.