Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is a warranty program that protects you against negative equity on your vehicle. Negative equity develops if your car is written off due to fire, theft, or an accident, and the payout from your insurance company is less than the balance you owe on your car loan. This means that you will have to continue making payments for a car you no longer have.

Our exclusive Companion GAP Protection will pay up to $50,000 towards your negative equity, and can free you from the obligation of your financial loan.

For a few dollars every month, Companion GAP will:

  • Save you up to $50,000 in negative equity, including refinanced negative equity from previous loans.
  • Protect your vehicle and lock in your rate for up to 96 months from date of purchase.
  • Shield your credit rating.

Our premiums are easily affordable

Your Companion GAP premium can be included right in your finance or lease payments. It covers vehicles with a purchase price of up to $150,000.